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Farmer Richard featured in NC State Alumni Blog Wed, January 15, 2014

Farmer Richard featured in NC State Alumni Blog:

Richard Holcomb loved growing up around his family’s feeder pig farm in Whiteville, N.C. — so much so that he considered going into farming himself. When his family moved to Conway, S.C., he worked on local farms as hired help.

But when Holcomb graduated from high school in 1979, he says the conventional wisdom in farming was “get big or get out.”

“I got out,” he says.

He studied computer science at the University of South Carolina for three years and and then started his master’s in the same field at NC State in 1983. A year later, he left State to work in the software industry for more than two decades, founding and investing in more than 30 local software companies. Along the way, he returned to State and completed his master’s degree in in 1989.

“Software when I started… read more