SOLD OUT! Thanksgiving TURKEY!

November 10, 2015

WE ARE SOLD OUT of all of our heritage breed birds.  Email us at to get on our list for next year.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year at the farm. We are one of the few local farms that raise heritage breed turkeys outside on pasture and the week before Thanksgiving we get over 100 calls from folks desperately searching for one of these hard to find birds. Online they sell for as much as $16.00/lb plus a $50+ shipping fee. This year we are accepting pre-orders for our turkeys at a pre-order price of $10.00/lb. Reserving now means you are assured of getting a bird and makes it easier on the farm since all the birds are pre-sold and we know where they are going in advance.  Larger birds are now sold out — we have a few 8 to 12 pound birds left.  Order now to reserve yours!

Pre-order Heritage Turkey Special: Reserve your bird now and pay a non-refundable $50 deposit and we will reserve a bird for you. These are heritage breed birds raised outside on grass. They weigh between 8lbs and 20+ lbs. To learn more about these incredible birds and how they differ from factory farmed, grocery store turkeys see this excellent article by Rodale Press at: If you want to reserve a heritage turkey, you should email with your preferred weight, fresh or frozen, phone number and drop-off location. We can’t drop off fresh birds at our CSA locations so your options for free drop-off are the pre-Thanksgiving Farmers Markets or the farm in Hillsborough. Your best option is to let us deliver it to your home for a $5.00 delivery fee. If you prefer a frozen bird, we can drop that off for you the week before Thanksgiving at any of our normal CSA locations. Email if you have any questions. When you pre-order we will send you a credit card invoice for the $50 deposit. You can pay the balance when you pick the bird up in November. And if you have read this far then you might be wondering which heritage breeds we raise? Bourbon Reds and Narragansetts.