Pasture Raised Poultry & Eggs

We raise chickens for eggs and for meat and also raise heritage turkeys.

Our egg layers are mostly Rhode Island Reds or other heritage breeds that wander freely around the farm. These hens produce eggs with very dark yellow yolks that are simply the best you have ever tasted.

Our broilers are Bronze Rangers that are similar to the Label Rouge chickens that are so highly prized in fine French cooking. These chickens are nothing like your average grocery store (factory) chicken. They live about 12 weeks versus just 6 weeks for factory chickens and are out on pasture where they get 30% of their diet from foraging. These chickens have far more flavor and much better texture than factory chickens and live a much better life.

Our Bourbon Red and Narragansett heritage turkeys are available at Thanksgiving and Christmas. All are pasture raised outside on a natural forage diet.