Grass Fed Lamb

We have a flock of about 50 sheep that are raised solely for meat and not wool. Our sheep are primarily of the Dorper breed which is recognized as one of the best flavored and most hardy meat sheep. We keep the female lambs to become ewes and sell the male lambs for meat. Our lambs are 100% grass feed which gives the meat an incredible, almost savory-sweet flavor that is sure to be the best you have ever eaten.

Raising sheep on 100% grass involves a lot of moving sheep from one pasture to another and the best way to accomplish that task is with sheep dogs. We have both sheep guard dogs (protect against coyotes) and sheep herd dogs (move the sheep around). The guard dog is an Italian breed known as a Maremma and the herders are our own special breed of Lylac Merle Border Collies. The patriarch of the family is Boone, a tri-color with the sweetest personality and the feisty matriarch of the pack is Lyla, so named for her lylac spots. We currently have 3 of her puppies in training, Frieda, Diego, and Jackson.

We practice Management Intensive Grazing (MIG) which means we break our pastures into small areas that are eaten down in just a few of days and then move the sheep to fresh new grass several times a week. We never feed our sheep grain because it is not part of a sheep natural diet and makes them sick and increases the acidity of their rumen which increases the risk of e-coli poisoning in humans.